Espen Eriksen Trio was formed in 2007 and released their debut album in 2010. After 15 years, six albums and regular touring on four continents, the trio is tighter than ever and have reached an almost telepathic level of interplay. Espen Eriksen trio is becoming an increasingly popular live act, with a wealth of rich material on their repertoire all signed pianist Eriksen. Captivating and lyrical, always melodic and often melancholic and uplifting at the same time, these are all real tunes. 

The music relies on highly melodic and lyrical instrumentals and a “less is more” approach and is often credited for its unique voice within today’s jazz scene by the international press. To quote BBC in their review of the trio’s second album; “A wonderfully plaintive jazz record, abandoned to the lost art of melodic minimalism, stripped back and beautifully near bare. No smoke and mirrors, just the graceful chemistry of superb musicians at the top of their game” In 2016 Espen Eriksen Trio started their ongoing collaboration with British saxophone star Andy Sheppard, resulting in the 2018-release “Perfectly Unhappy”. Sheppard is also featured on 3 tracks on the 2022 live album "In The Mountains".



In The Mountains
end of summer
perfectly unhappy
what took you so long

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